Fully Ceramic ZrO2 Ball Bearing

Fully Ceramic ZrO2 Ball Bearing

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This bearing can only be described as a true gem.

No part of this bearing is made of metal, It is pure Zirconium Dioxide balls, inner and outer races with a cage made of PTFE (Teflon) in order to provide as slick and durable a surface as possible.

We tried 11 different types of full ceramic bearings from different manufacturers, and these are by far the best. We originally considered using centering bearings, but these spin so well, and give such a free feel during multiple-layer tricks, that we kept it flat.

This is a fully ceramic size C bearing that provides unmatched levels of smoothness.

Bearings are not about the "flick test", but rather how they make a yoyo handle while multiple forces are being applied to it mid trick. Ceramic bearings are harder than steel, and will not compress under forces which will cause slowing in other bearings. That said, feel free to flick test. This one is a spinner!

Fully ceramic bearings are not cheap, but we believe that if you're going to spend money for a modern yoyo... you should have a modern bearing. You wouldn't put discount tires on an Aston Martin, would you?

These will fit all size C bearing seats.

Perfect as a spare, replacement, or upgrade to any C size bearing yoyo.

Fully Ceramic ZrO2 Bearing, Absolutely Zero Metal Parts!

These bearings are designed to run dry (perfect for unresponsive play), need no lube, will never corrode, and can be cleaned with soap and water instead of harsh chemicals.

The Bag of Bearings will get you:

4 Fully Ceramic ZrO2 Bearings (Reg. $25/ea)

+ 1 Big Bang Bag

for $89.99 ($22.50/bearing + Free Bag!)

The Satchel of Endless Bearings will get you:

10 bearings + 1 Big Bang Bag

= $263 Value

for $199.99 ($19.99/Bearing + Free Bag!)