Micronized Nano-Lube

Micronized Nano-Lube

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When we decided to utilize full ceramic bearings in our first yoyo, the Endeavor, we loved the spin time, look, and play of full ceramic bearings, but the noise and slight "rattle" Associated with ceramics was the one down side some of our testers complained about. Typical wet lubricants merely slowed down the bearings, and defeated the purpose of having a full ceramic ball bearing (lower friction!).

We put our heads together, and as a team consisting of multiple different Science degrees, we came up with a brilliant idea... Why not try out all the lab grade lubricants we have access to that are used for various NASA, Aerospace, and Laboratory equipment applications? Well, we did. We had some bad experiences (Micronized graphite works well, but turns strings black, for instance... Woops!)

What we ended up creating was the best lubricant we've ever used. Other dry lubes used that are commercially available are  too coarse (3+ microns in size), only available in bulk, or easily dissolved in solvents and dont last very long.

Nano-Lube is a 90 nanometers (0.09 microns) per particle (0.0000035") Dry-Lube that binds to high friction points in moving parts, increasing the slickness of the material. This lube contains *NO GRAPHITE*. This lubricant actually makes dry bearings slicker and fills any imperfections in a bearing.

1 gram of lubricant should treat ~100 bearings, depending on bearing size and method used, so unless you lose the bottle, you're looking at 1000+ bearings per bottle.

How to use:

There are 3 ways you can use your Nano-Lube.

1. Dry Application:

You can use the supplied brush to gently apply a tiny amount to the open side of a bearing. We suggest this for ceramic bearing applications. Use the TINIEST amount you can. Just barely tap the bearing. If you add too much, the bearing may feel "gritty" this just means you added more lubricant that can bind to the bearing. You can clean out any excess using soap and water + a Tooth Brush (for ceramics) or Acetone + a Tooth Brush (Steel+Hybrid Ceramic) (Abrasion from a brush will help remove the excess).

2. Wet Application:

Fill a small container with Acetone or Mineral Spirits, whichever you prefer to clean your bearings with. Add a small amount of Nano-Lube to this solution, and mix it around until it is cloudy. Clean your bearings as you normally would, and dry with compressed air. This will provide a dry, clean bearing, with a very small amount of Nano-Lube coating the inside of the bearing. Feel free to save this solution and reuse it as Nano-Lube is not affected by solvents.

Take care not to spill any Nano-Lube on anything, as it is so tiny that it buries itself in whatever surface you put it on (for instance, wood tables will have a nice metallic shine for a while until you scrub it all out). We suggest a glass table!

3. Lubricant Enhancer:

Nano-Lube can be used as an additive for typical wet-lubes. This includes any liquid yoyo brand lube, 3 in 1 oil, etc. This is generally suggested if you are running Non-Stainless Steel bearings as you can keep the anti-corrosive properties of wet lubricants, but reduce the friction and keep the unresponsive, free spinning feel you want!