E1: Cantilever
E1: Cantilever
E1: Cantilever
E1: Cantilever
E1: Cantilever

E1: Cantilever

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The first of our Experimental Line, dubbed E1: Cantilever, is a monometal designed for the ultimate for practicing slack and laceration tricks.

Limited to just 20 pieces, $40 from each piece will be donated to the purpleyoyo.org nonprofit foundation which works to de-stigmatise depression and anxiety in the yoyo community, while providing assistance to those players suffering from these illnesses.

Please visit the following links and even if you are unable to support by purchasing an E1: Cantilever, please donate if you can or at the very least share the following links on social media!




7075 Aluminum

44mm diam

51mm wide

70.5 grams

4.25 mm gap

Single Groove Silicon-Response

All E1:Cantilever Bandalores come with our centering bearing and EXTRA THICK WHIPPY EXPERIMENTAL STRING. We are looking for feedback from our customers on this string, and thought that this throw was perfect for giving it a shot!