Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)
Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)
Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)
Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)
Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)

Endeavor Pre-Order (SOLD OUT)

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We have decided to do a limited Pre-Sale for the first 40 Endeavor Bandalores.


Incredibly Cool Packaging, Hand Made for your Endeavor.

A low serial number. (1st edition Charizard status!)

Save $30 off the regular price. (That $30 can then be used for all debts, public or private!) 

A 1 in 40 chance to win a FREE Final Design PROTOTYPE (To be shipped alongside your production Endeavor) 

Early Access (Pre-Sale will ship before official release).

Your base luck will permanently increase by 7. (Useful!)

My eternal love and gratitude. (Easily the most important perk)


The Endeavor is a labor of love. My love.

The Endeavor was created to be a physical reflection of my opinion on what I believe is missing in much of today's style of yoyoing. I cut my teeth on starbursts, new duncan pads, nylon sleeves, busted knuckles, first-throw broken strings, and tiny responsive yoyos that weighed 45 grams wet.

My personal style developed from avoiding rope burn (cotton!) and utilizing organic, flowing movements and transitions out of a need to not take a yoyo to the dome.

The Endeavor is catered to those that embrace smoothness and style over sheer speed. Those that practice not only a trick, but the transitions from one to another, who combo from a bank of moves without needing a plan.

The endeavor is designed to provide an organic feel in hand with an undersized, modern, perfectionist twist.

From a technical standpoint, the Endeavor was designed to be smooth and effortless. Its smaller 50mm diameter allows chopsticks to be second nature while also allowing enough room to machine massive rims.

The ~38mm width is wide enough to land any slack or whips, but not so wide that complex tricks require extra room to execute.

Weight feels light, despite the extra rim weight bringing it up to 67 grams, providing a flowy, easy going yoyo.

The gap is huge at 4.6mm, but the silicon grooves are double wide (4mm, double many other brands) to prevent any string slippage.

7075 aluminum, while more expensive, allowed for an advantageous rim size and crazy wide gap while also providing cool resonance noises during use.

We will be utilizing a fully ceramic bearing, and are finalizing between a few prototype bearings still.

Material: 7075 Al

Diameter: 50mm

Width: 38.25mm

Weight: 67 Grams

Gap: 4.6mm

Response: Extra Wide Flowable Silicon Groove

Axle: Stainless Steel

Bearing: Fully Ceramic


**Pre-Sale Terms:

$119 retail price is for special colorways, solid patterns and basic colors may be less. 

Our prototypes (and all of our pre-sales) use the Milky-Way Colorway. The final production pieces will have smaller speckles compared to the prototypes. We will post pictures as they come available.

You are purchasing a production Endeavor at a discounted price. We require a full deposit for pre-orders, and do not necessarily guarantee a delivery date. By making this purchase, you understand that you are pre-paying for an item that is not ready for shipment yet. Pre-Sale Orders are non-refundable, and are considered completed purchases in an extended pending shipping status. Our current release goal is late spring, 2017. To protect you, the buyer, If for any reason the product is not shipped to you with 180 days from pay date, you will be automatically issued a refund to you original payment method.