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VisViva (from the Latin for "living force") is a historical term used for the first known description of what we now call kinetic energy.

What we wanted to accomplish with the VisViva was an evolution of the Endeavor's mindset utilizing a combination of old school and new technologies. Double Response Grooves (an homage to Schmoove grooves), bimetal brass rings, high walls, and 7075 aluminum!


7075 Aluminum

55mm diam

39.5mm wide

64.5-5 grams (bearing dependent)

4.65 mm gap

Dual Groove Silicon-Response

Flat 10 Ball Steel - $99

Upgrade to CenterTrac for $7!

Upgrade to a 10 ball Ceramic for $15!


NEW OLD STOCK NOTICE: NOS do not come with a bag or any accessories - just the yoyo itself and a String Theory String! Thank you for understanding :)