Egyptian String Theory

Egyptian String Theory

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When developing a thicker version of String Theory, we wanted to retain the durability of the original without sacrificing any playability.

At first we added thickness with our original nylon, but the added weight made the string *too* whippy.

After trying numerous types of poly blends to make the string act properly, I decided to get crafty and try some cotton!

After some break in, the cotton was the exact whippiness and response we wanted, but cotton frays and wears out. The search continued. I visited a local sewing shop and asked if they knew of a thread that was like cotton but wouldnt fray as easily, they informed me that true Egyptian cotton has longer strands, and therefore frays much less than "typical cotton"

I ordered some (very expensive) Egyptian Cottons, and found one blend that works *amazing* and doesnt fray like regular cotton does.

Our traditional String Theory is a little thinner and less responsive than most strings, so if you're looking for easier binds, a thicker feel, or something thats just plain different - give Egyptian String Theory a try.

EST is a Type 8 String, half nylon and half egyptian cotton, but due to strand thickness differences, about 2/3 nylon and 1/3 cotton by volume. It contains the same amount of nylon as regular string theory with added cotton, so it is a little more expensive than regular ST to make (and more time consuming).

Every string is hand wound, one at a time, by Paul.

Colors come in any combination of String Theory solid colors + Black or White cotton, and will be a typical "twist" pattern.

*Please allow up to 5 business days for your string to be made, as these are made to order.