String Theory
String Theory

String Theory

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String Theory is a unique, hand made string with a long history.

Every String Theory string is made with a special type of nylon that will never fray like other nylon strings (and especially poly and cotton!).

Paul has been making and improving on this string for his own personal use for over a decade.

The goal for String Theory was to develop a string that wouldn't be affected as easily by wind, sweaty hands, humidity, changes in string tension (holds slack and loops better), or fraying and breakage like other string does.

The String Theory experience is one of consistency. The biggest advantage to String Theory is that after a brief break in period, the string will retain the same bounciness, tension, and responsiveness for a very long time. This means you never need to adjust for changes in your string during a throw session. 

As with anything in life... You get what you pay for.

$2 for string may seem pricey, until you realize how long this string will last you. Never having to worry about carrying extra string is worth it alone.

I have, and continue to play a piece of String Theory string (way back before I named it) that is currently 12 years old. It looks similar to a piece that is a few hours old now, but a little bit tighter wound.

Every Big Bang Bandalore comes strung with a piece of String Theory.

Available in two versions:

Glossy White - A nice, pure, reflective white that seems to be more visible in dim lighting than your typical cotton or polyester string.

Hi.Viz. Multi Packs - Retina Burning Bright

Variety Packs come with 1 or 5 of each color:

Hi.Viz. Yellow

Hi.Viz. Orange

Hi.Viz. Green

Hi.Viz. Flamingo (Reddish Pink)

These photos are taken without flash, under decent lighting. 

All String Theory string is hand made one at a time by Big Bang founder, Paul Zografos.

Due to the handmade nature of these strings, they will vary slightly in length. To counteract this (and make things easier for everyone), We make our string incredibly long (65 inches +/- 1") so just cut to your preferred length!

While these are very long lasting, they aren't "miracles" and do eventually (a very long eventually) tighten up and lose some color due to dirt and grime. You can wash them in soap and water (or throw them in with a load of laundry) and the color should return to new.

Please allow up to 5 business days for custom colors, as these are made to order.

Thank you!