Who we are:

Here at Big Bang, our goal is to develop products that are unique, rewarding, and enjoyable rather than purely optimized trick assist devices.
We want to push the boundaries and do what others aren't willing to try. The majority of yoyo players will spend most of their yoyoing lives "casually screwing around" and just enjoying throwing a yoyo. We do this for fun, a rewarding escape, or to relieve stress.
This is where we live.
We want to make the yoyo that you reach for when you're just throwing with some friends, that you hand to someone and say "hey, try this one out."
We design our YoYo's to provide unique, enjoyable, and rewarding experiences that will put a smile on your face every time you pick one up. When you're showing your collection to somebody, we want them to reach for your Big Bang and say:
"Whoa. This is different."
Big Bang Bandalores was founded by Paul Zografos, a life long yoyo player with 20 years experience playing, modding, dreaming, and now creating yoyos.
"Big Bang Bandalores is an avenue for me to give back to a community that has given me so much over the last 20 years. We promise that from your first unboxing to becoming your go to throw, we strive for our products to be a unique and rewarding experience.
Keep Looking Up."
~Paul Zografos