Team Big Bang

Here at Big Bang, we do things a little differently.

Our "Crew" doesn't consist of the top competitive players that we could bribe with free yo-yos into repping only our product, but rather a collection of throwers who respect, represent, and encourage the skilltoy community to grow and develop.

In no particular order:

Paul Theodore Zografos

Age: 30
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Throwing: 22 years

Founder of Big Bang Bandalores.

Big Bang Bandalores was founded by Paul Theodore Zografos, a life long yoyo player with 20+ years experience playing, modding, dreaming, and now creating yoyos.
"Big Bang Bandalores is an avenue for me to give back to a community that has given me so much over the last 20 years. We promise that from your first unboxing to becoming your go to throw, we strive for our products to be a unique and rewarding experience.
Keep Looking Up."
~Paul Theodore Zografos

Name: Paul Clee
Age: 29
Location: PA
Years yo-yoing: ~18

Style/History: Laid-back, relaxed flow. I started off using only fixed axles (first real yoyo was a Duncan Butterfly) and moved into bearing yoyos as they started being produced mainstream. I also started a yoyo club back in grammar school during the yoyo boom around 2000. I’m a bit old-school since I’ve been yo-yoing since I was in middle school, and much prefer trickcircles/combos that have smooth transitions between individual elements than speed combos.



Name: Brian Lynn
Age: 42
Location: San Diego based but I'm all over the world for work.
Style/History: I started throwing super young. Tommy Smothers was my main teacher via tv maybe once or twice a year.


Name: B Coleman
Age: 37
Location: El Lay CA :)
Years throwing: 20+ off/on
Favorite yoyo: Nuclear Bee GT

Began throwing in 95 when suspended from school(falsely accused). Got a job at a kiosk in 98 when it really took off. Taught my friends to throw and life was grand.

Moved away from the hobby in 2000 when binding seemed to swallow everything. Being in my 20s with things going on I got discouraged and intimidated with the popular new style...

Returned heavily in late 15 when my favorite band partnered with YYF to create a ONE(see Dial-A-Trick on tubes). Learned to bind, found myself back in the "State of Yo"... And can't stop smiling.

Thanks to Big Bang Bandalores for being the coal that makes this train roll!