Bag of Bearings
Bag of Bearings

Bag of Bearings

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We have a few cool accessories available here at Big Bang Bandalores.

After extensive bearing testing, we landed on an amazing Fully Ceramic Bearing that we just had to put in our first release, the Endeavor.

Before we finished designing the Endeavor, however. We used other YoYos in our personal collections to compare bearings. When we landed on the ZrO2 bearing, the difference it made in feel and play was so astounding, that we began fitting all of our personal YoYos with these little gems. Even our early prototype testers asked us if we would have any extras of these bearings for their other throws. Ask and you shall receive!

The Bag of Bearings will get you:

4 Fully Ceramic ZrO2 Bearings (Reg. $25/ea)

+ 1 Big Bang Bag

for $89.99 ($22.50/bearing + Free Bag!)

The Satchel of Endless Bearings will get you:

10 bearings + 1 Big Bang Bag

= $263 Value

for $199.99 ($19.99/Bearing + Free Bag)

Bearings are in limited supply (most went to Endeavors!)

Bags Come in Black, Brown, or White. Please indicate the color bag you would like in your order notes. If not, we will pick a random color for you!