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For black friday we had a special Mystery box. We made up 20 and received a wave of orders! We ended up making up 5 more mystery boxes as we had more orders come in throughout last week!


Some of you got a really good deal, while others got a REALLY good deal!


So... we are going to keep this train rolling through the holidays!


Until jan 1, 2018, we will have 30 more “Holiday Mystery boxes” up for sale.


We will be including in each Holiday Mystery Box:


100% Chance: Endeavor A grade Solid (colors vary)

100% for 1 randomly selected from:

A grade Quark (50%)

Endeavor: Precious Metal Nickel Cosmetic Flaw (50%)

And a 40% chance at a third yoyo:

Endeavor: Precious metal A Grade Silver and Copper holdbacks (unpolished) (75%)

Or a BRAND NEW Vis Viva with 3 bearings (1 of ea.)

1 Mystery box (5% chance!) will be worth $500 retail and contain 1 of EVERY yoyo listed above, 5 ceramic bearings as well as Nano Lube and a 10 pack of StringTheory string!


All mystery boxes are packed blind and therefore will not contain packing slips to preserve fairness!