Endeavor: Cosmetic Flaw Mystery Box!

Endeavor: Cosmetic Flaw Mystery Box!

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We refuse to sell any yoyo that vibrates, wobbles, or doesnt perform as initially intended as anything other than a collectors item. Any vibrating Endeavors were used to experiment with different plating/coatings/etc and will never be circulated in to the public.

Our "B grades" are Cosmetic Flaw *only*. You are getting a perfectly smooth yoyo that has small cosmetic issues. We are very stringent with our A grade selections, as each yoyo is checked visually 5 times (before siliconing, during siliconing, during throw testing, by a second set of eyes, and when being packaged before delivery).

Cosmetic Flaws do not come with any packaging, accessories, or string, and are shipped with a 10 ball flat steel bearing.

Cosmetic Flaws are sold "as-is" and are not covered under our regular warranty regarding cosmetic issues, for obvious reason.

We will, however, cover any vibration or play issues, no questions asked.

Colors are Mystery-Box ONLY for anodized, and may have mixed halves, patterns, etc.

Precious Metal B Grades are mystery-box as well, but will have matching halves due to weight differences in plating materials.

Finishing flaws may include air bubbles, small flakes, thinning of the plating, and tighter than normal bearing seats. Tight bearing seats will not affect play, but we recommend a bearing extractor or similar tool to remove/change bearings.

If you own a Precious Metals in a certain colorway, and would like a different one, please let us know in the order notes. For example, if you own a Gold Endeavor and would like a Cosmetic Flaw in copper, silver, or nickel, please add into the notes "Anything but Gold!".