Glowing Void Edition Perspective: Moonphase
Glowing Void Edition Perspective: Moonphase

Glowing Void Edition Perspective: Moonphase

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These beauties start as Void Edition Perspectives which are a Big Bang Bandalores collaboration with local artist Alex Haas!

Using Culture Hustle’s famous Black 2.0, Alex painstakingly painted each Void edition by hand to achieve the mattest, blackest yoyo to date.

Alex mixed up some glow powders and painstakingly hand painted moon phases with starry night designs into the cup of the yoyo and coated it in culture hustles protective matte finish.

Due to the top coat, these will not be as matte black as the original voids. However they are far more durable than the original VOID edition perspectives, and the top coat doesn't affect the GLOW!

Void Edition Perspectives are considered art pieces. Some examples may vibe due to the weight of the paint itself. Every canvas yoyo begins as an A grade.

The paint will chip if abused, handled roughly, or left in say, a backpack or a riveted jeans pocket without a safe case (each piece will come with a protective leather bag) 

We warranty all our products against any issues craftsmanship. With that in mind - we cannot issue refunds for vibe, flaking or damaged paint after delivery.

Due to the handmade nature of this edition - there may be some imperfections in the paint even when new.

With all that said…

Four of each colorway will be available for sale.
Crescent Pink that glows Blue
White half moons that glow Blue
Orange Full Moons that glow Yellow
“Haas” edition unique designs (one full moon and three special heavy handed glow designs) that glow a deep royal blue!

All glow pigments are powders hand mixed by Alex Haas and the colors are incredible in person!

Thank you for supporting our artist collaborations! We understand these come at a small premium, however they take hours of work per piece.

We love supporting our local artists and hope you help us continue to do so.